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Agere et-131x Ethernet driver on Fedora 12

posted 12 Jan 2010, 02:50 by Michael Strand   [ updated 3 Feb 2010, 00:57 ]
I have an LG W1 Express Dual laptop with an Agere Systems Ethernet port. When I loaded Fedora 12 the wireless and everything else worked perfectly except for the LAN. 

The process to install it was as follows and is almost a complete copy from http://r4ndom.wordpress.com/2009/06/08/agere-et131x-driver-finally/

save it to your /tmp directory and open a terminal window

$ cd /tmp

$ tar -xzvf et131x_staged_2_6_git.tar.gz

cd staged

The next step is to run make, this initially just resulted in errors for me.

make: *** /lib/modules/ No such file or directory

To get past this you need to install some other things first...

$ yum install gcc kernel-PAE-devel

or if you don't have a PAE kernel, you can check by running "uname -r" if you don't see PAE in the result run the following

$ yum install gcc kernel-devel

once you have these...

$ make

Once that finishes

$ su

make sure you are still in the staged directory


$ make modules_install

$ modprobe et131x

You should be up and running now.